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Hateful optimists and loving pessimists Kat Angus and Jocelyn Geddie break down movies and TV shows that they totally despise… but also really adore at the same time. With the occasional confused special guest! IHIBILI everyone. Produced by the The From Superheroes Network.

Dec 12, 2018

Welp, buckle up everyone, and get ready for today's episode of "Kat And Jocelyn Forget Why They Put This On The List, And Now Here We All Are, Discussing The 2001 Film Swordfish"! In this truly crazed exchange, we discuss John Travolta's terrible costumes, Hugh Jackman's bummer highlights, and exactly how much money it...

Dec 5, 2018

Put on a gorgeous vintage dress and then SHOCK the patriarchy with your blue humour cause we're talking about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! We discuss amazing performances, unnecessary tertiary characters, and how in every Amy Sherman-Palladino show, there's always at least one ENORMOUS SPEECH per episode.

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